Sara Úbeda

Kiinteistöneuvoja, osakas

+34 633 585 878


Sara was born in the north of Spain, although at the age of 6 she moved to the Canary Islands where she spent her childhood and adolescence. She had a real passion for travel, languages, contact with people… which led her to study tourism. At that time she did not imagine that destiny had prepared for her a life in which she would not only travel around the world, but also live in different countries such as England, Germany, Sweden and Brazil.

Her adventurous and enthusiastic spirit meant that from a very young age she developed different projects such as having her own wine export company, art galleries and her own real estate company for ten years.

If anything characterises Sara, it is the passion she puts into everything she does, personalising every detail, sharing her willingness and love for life. Her innate negotiation and sales skills, her extensive communication skills, as well as her empathetic and self-motivated character make her the perfect partner to sell or buy a property.

Sara speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese and has a basic level of French, German and Italian.