Daniel Gutierrez

Design Strand Sales

+34 689 535 737


Daniel has always been known as a passionate, enthusiastic and energetic team player. With a long experience of customer service and sales work, Daniel has was it takes to complete a successful business. His goal is to have always a satisfied and happy customer. For him the customers needs come always first and he ensures the customers needs are fulfilled.

Growing up in Finland but having a multi-cultural background he grew up speaking three languages at home, Spanish, English and Finnish. He has always had large social networks and likes meeting new people from all around the world.

Daniel has exceptional customer service skills. Daniel does above and beyond to make our customers very happy. Daniel offers the spirit of service and knows how to look beyond our customer’s request. He listens for unspoken needs, not just spoken words to demonstrate exceptional customer service skills.

On his spare time he enjoys playing sports, exercising and meeting with friends and enjoying great food.