Heidi has a passion for chic architecture, luxury design, and she loves and lives for Scandinavian interior design. Heidi is a lively person and gets along with all kinds of people. Creativity is one of her biggest strengts and she always comes up with new creative ideas.

Heidi can easily see the clear space as a whole and she immediately starts to visualize and create new ideas how to highlight the best qualities of the properties listed by Strand.

Interior design has been a passion for Heidi since she got her first own room at the age of eight. She used to fix and move the interior in the room all the time and she still is the same. Only perfection is good enough for her when it comes to details.

Professionally she has worked with interior design over six years and designed kitchens. Heidi loves it when the property is functional and harmonious. A perfect home is a place where you can calm down and relax.