Anssi Kiviranta

Entrepreneur, Co-founder

+34 659 65 70 94


Anssi has been founding several successful journeys since 2000. He is a legalized real estate agent (LKV) and has studied economics, marketing and computer science in the university of Turku. As a college student he came up with an idea of a new kind of online tv-guide Telkku.com and lead the company from a zero to 1 million user online service. Telkku.com grew to one of the most popular online services in Finland and was acquired by Alma Media Oyj in 2008.

Anssi is also a co-founder of Bo LKV, a disruptive real estate company and a lifestyle brand that was founded in 2015. In just a few years Bo LKV has grown from zero to 23 000 000€ (2019) in revenue with almost 200 professionals.

Anssi is a strongly business focused professional with a clear vision how to build successful companies. He is passionate about branding, creating new services, marketing, design and real estate business.