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Pioneers in modern real estate marketing

Our team consists of professionals in real estate marketing from various fields. Each member of Strand Properties has years of experience and a comprehensive track record, whether they are a real estate agent, photographer, or stylist. This way, we can ensure that your property is marketed by a team of skilled real estate professionals who can highlight its best features and reach the desired audience.

When impressions matter

When people search for a new home, they dream of much more. They look for a place to live out their lives and to fulfill their dreams. For many, a home is much more than just a place – and that is why impressions matter in marketing new properties. Through them, we can tell a story that people want to imagine themselves in.

Marketing to the right audience in the right way

Real estate marketing starts with understanding who the property is perfect for. How does it serve their lives and dreams? The clearer the target audience, the more effective the marketing. As professionals in real estate, we can help you define your ideal audience and then market your property to the right audience in the right way.

Uniqueness as a competitive edge

People are looking for uniqueness. They want to live in places that have something special. Knowing what makes your property different from the rest is one of the most powerful aspects of your marketing. That is why our task is to find the most interesting aspects of your property and highlight them so that your property stands out – especially when the market is saturated.

As real estate professionals, we have exclusive insight on what people are looking for. We know which areas are of interest and what people expect from different properties. Because of our day-to-day contact with real estate customers, we have unique insight into what people are looking for – and where there’s already too much choice available. With this understanding, we can help you build properties that match what people are looking for.

Creating a concept from the start

We can turn our insights into your property’s competitive advantage. When you take us on board from the beginning, you have access to our inside knowledge of what people are looking for. Together we can turn your vision and our insight into unique concepts that stand out in the market.

Marketing your property

We are professionals in selling and marketing properties. Each of our agents has years of experience, a proven track record, and a passion for providing a firstclass customer experience. We want to market your property in the best possible way – and get the right people interested in it.

Real Estate Marketing Services

  • Concepting
  • Branding
  • 3D Design
  • Renderings
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Marketing materials
  • Property marketing
  • New property sales

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