Miriam Stopiakova

Sales Support

+34 660 331 176


Miriam was born in Slovakia with a dream to travel the world. Her passion for adventure brought her to live on four different continents and to cross the border of more than fifty countries.

She holds a master’s degree in Marketing Communication. Straight after university she moved to China to start her professional career. During four years in Asia she improved her knowledge in marketing and business development.

As she was eager to learn Spanish, after this amazing experience she moved to the other side of the world, to Buenos Aires in Argentina. While studying a new language, she got more skills in the hotel industry which brought her, at the end, back to Europe.

In Spain she obtained a master’s degree in Hotel Management from EADE University and worked in various 5* hotels. To continue her life’s adventure, she joined Strand Properties to bring excellent guest service and sales support.