Excellent News for Property Buyers – ITP TAX Only 7% From Now On

Aprile 27, 2021

Great news for property buyers here in the Marbella area!

On the Costa del Sol the transfer tax has been at the following rates with resales:

8 % on properties up to €400,000
9 % on properties priced
between €400,000 and €700,000
10 % on properties priced over €700,00

From tomorrow on at least until the end of this year there will be only a single general rate of 7%.

With new-build properties the tax remains the same VAT (IVA in Spanish) 10%.

Stamp Duty used to be 1,5% and now it is fixed to be only 1,2% from tomorrow on.

Now is the perfect time to buy a property from Marbella with Strand Properties.