Johanna Pesonen

Property Advisor, Partner

+34 695 33 36 34


Johanna is an energetic and approachable real estate agent with her office located in Marbella though she is covering the coast from Malaga to Estepona. Johanna is originally from Finland but has spent a significant part of her life on the Costa del Sol for family reasons. With around 20 years of sales experience, she previously served as a sales director in a technology company before transitioning to the real estate sector. Real estate, however, is her passion, and she has worked in various roles, including as a real estate agent and a CEO.

Johanna possesses a natural gift for connecting with her clients, quickly understanding their needs and desires. Many clients have become close personal friends due to her ability to resonate with them. She tirelessly works for her clients because she finds more energy in their successes than the effort her work requires. Each assignment, whether small or large, is a significant display of trust for Johanna. She works towards the agreed-upon goals with a wholehearted dedication. One of her greatest strengths lies in her excellent negotiation skills and the determination to close deals. She literally turns every stone in these matters.

Having used English as her working language for over 10 years, Johanna’s proficiency in Spanish is a natural advantage, especially when dealing with Spanish-speaking parties in real estate transactions. She has a basic level of Swedish for casual conversations.

In her free time, Johanna enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her hobbies include padel, skiing, and chess. Perhaps her strategic moves in real estate transactions are rooted in her passion for playing chess.

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