Jutta Tanninen

Creative Designer


Jutta has been living and breathing interiors for over a decade as an interior designer. Her career in real estate started in 2015 and she happens to be one of the first (if not even the first) inhouse real estate stylists in the whole of Finland. Jutta is also very familiar with new developments, having worked with a developer for several years as a creative designer.

For Jutta, interior design is not just about choosing materials and fluffing pillows, but solving problem areas of the space and designing functionalities. Jutta’s design process is founded on a comprehensive understanding of the space and the purpose of the interior. She translates the client’s needs into well-functioning interiors that look beautiful and are a joy to live in. She is best known for her uncompromising passion for turning everyday spaces into well-functioning interiors that stand the test of time. And let’s not forget her elegant touch for details and impeccable Scandinavian style.

Even though interior design and renovations are her biggest passion, she’s not a one-trick pony. Jutta has a lot of experience in styling, graphic design and producing other visual materials such as 3d visualizations too. So along with creating beautiful homes she’s familiar with creative direction too.