Pablo Lorenzo Narcisi

Property Advisor, Partner

+34 627 352 858


Pablo was born into an Italian family in Argentina and grew up in a coastal city that shaped his lifestyle, exploring the waterfront and all its perspectives.

For over 20 years, Pablo worked as a lawyer in civil and commercial courts, allowing him to delve into important heritage issues in people’s lives.

His family has been dedicated to real estate development on a large scale for over 40 years, enthusiastically fostering entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and a passion for business efficiency.

The same enthusiasm that Pablo brought to dedicating time to rock music and singing with friends in his earlier years is the same enthusiasm with which he now cares for his family and professional contacts.

Among Pablo’s most treasured years are those of confinement, during which he underwent the most transcendent process of self-discovery in his life. This was based on the profound experience of raising his two daughters with his wife, combined with daily dedication to mindfulness meditation, leading to the establishment of a community as an instructor for healthcare professionals.

He is passionate about design and architecture and has been able to materialise his different perspectives by building a home with ample and exclusive space each member of his family but also for his instruments.. The detachment practiced when relocating his center of life represents an experience that is the result of putting into practice all the perspectives learned through different paths of personal growth.

Moved to Malaga, he is proud to tell he knows this area better than Buenos Aires city.

Heritage decisions are life decisions. To navigate these moments, we need support from people who understand the importance of each matter, can provide informed guidance due to their knowledge of the territory, listen attentively, and have an entrepreneurial spirit to encourage us when faced with an excellent opportunity.

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