With the help of experienced Strand team, selling property in Spain is easy.

Nine Reasons to Sell Properties with Strand

August 13, 2023

Strand Properties is a Finnish-owned real estate agency operating in Spain. We provide you with top-notch service when selling a property in Spain. Our experienced real estate agents have in-depth knowledge of the area, and we serve our clients in nearly 20 different languages.

Selling properties is easy and effortless with Strand’s professional and experienced team. From this text you can find some reasons, why it is a good idea to sell properties with us.

Experienced Agents and a Diverse Team of Experts at Your Service

We approach our work with passion, and our agents are among the best in their respective areas. In addition, our team includes content creators, marketing experts, visual artists, photographers, and a wide range of collaborating agents.

Tailoring a Sales Strategy to Meet Your Needs

When it comes to selling a property in Spain, you have the freedom to choose whether you want us to utilize our network of partners, engage in an exclusive sales agreement, or employ a discreet sales approach. You determine how your home is marketed, and we act according to your wishes. We respect your privacy and establish clear communication guidelines, including advance notice for property viewings.

Extensive Collaboration Networks in Spain and Worldwide

We collaborate with reputable real estate agencies in the Costa del Sol region and around the world. If desired, the properties we list can be published on popular property portals and shared with all local real estate agents. We also work closely with top real estate agencies in different countries.

High-Quality Photos, Staging, and Virtual Staging Included

We highlight the best features of your property and eliminate any obstacles to the sale. Our team includes the most talented real estate photographers and stagers, ensuring that your home’s atmosphere is effectively conveyed through images.

Branding of Digital Marketing to Support Sales

We make ourselves visible where people are, and we have a thorough understanding of modern marketing channels: digital platforms, social media, property portals, display advertising, print media, open house events, and international networks. Branding and compelling messaging are crucial when selling a property in Spain.

Bringing Scandinavian Design to Spain

Embracing Scandinavian design, Strand Properties brings elegance to Spain. Our showroom showcases furniture and materials available for purchase, enhancing your property’s appeal. We feature these products in property images, maximizing exposure. Sellers enjoy exclusive discounts, fostering synergy between our services and interior design. Let us transform your property into a sophisticated oasis where exceptional design meets coastal living.

Transparent Brokerage Fees for the Best Value

We firmly believe in our expertise. You only pay for our services when a transaction is successfully completed. You’ll always know what you’re paying for.

Unique Benefits from Our Collaborating Partners

We represent numerous high-quality brands related to the real estate industry. We import, market, and sell a variety of excellent products and materials in Spain. As our real estate client, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on these offerings.

First-Class Service from Us to You

We value customer satisfaction as our top priority, and excellent customer service is our core value. When you sell a property with Strand Properties, you’ll become a part of an exclusive club with numerous benefits. For example, we regularly organize fantastic customer events, where clients who have sold properties through us are always welcome.